Sunday, March 16, 2014

HEY, Let me in!...please.

Seriously, let me into your home and your heart, I'll love you like you can't imagine!
Poppy is living with Mark McCabe, Canine Behaviorist
Poppy and Lucy Playing

Poppy loves playing with other dogs, large and small....although her favorites are certainly those who are pretty energetic in their play, even though she can adjust to lest intestine. 

Poppy is still looking for a home, she is sooo much fun and such a love.

She is staying with and working with 
Mark McCabe, Canine Behaviorist

Friday, November 15, 2013

Poppy Joins a Meetup Group!

Poppy is waiting for the dog walking group to gather.  Besides meeting the rest of the group, she was pretty excited about the treats!
Speaking of treats, we had a few breaks on our walk which included even more treats!

Poppy cuddled up with Lila, her walking buddy, on the way home.  After the hour long walk, she could feel a nap in her future.

Poppy and Lila arrive home and wait anxiously for the car door to open.  Their chauffeur couldn't resist snapping a pic of Poppy's very serious face.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Poppy at Dogfest 2013 in Reisterstown, MD

Poppy had a great day at the event - she took treats from strangers, approached them for petting, and got lots of attention!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More play with Poppy

Some Q&As with Mark the trainer:

Q: Poppy seems to be running free right next to a road.  Isn't this irresponsible?

A: Poppy is a very high energy young dog and enjoys and can really benefit from some intense exercise.  Because I wanted to give her the opportunity to run and play on a large scale I did training with her with a remote training collar to learn the boundaries of the park and to come reliably and enthusiastically when called.  This training went really quickly and easily for Poppy and gave her the opportunity for real freedom to play and exercise particularly with other dogs.  Also the street this park is on is a dead-end street with very little traffic.  I would not allow her this freedom in a highly trafficked area or a high speed road regardless of good training.

Q: Why not use the dog park instead?

A: I don't recommend dog parks in general but especially not for any dog with training issues. Dog parks in general are extremely unstructured and uncontrolled environments quite often with dogs that are very inappropriate and owners that make little or no meaningful effort to control their dogs.  In the case of a dog like Poppy taking her into an enclosed space with ten or twenty people would be a complete emotional overload and unproductive experience for her. A consistent rule of training is that we try to only expose dogs to levels of stress that we can help them overcome through reward-based training in a controlled and productive environment.